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Postby 1parkpointer » Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:32 pm

My original intention was to install the yukon along side our existing oil fired HA furnace. Timing has never been my strong suit. By the time it arrived and I finally got it lowered into our basement, I was out of set up time and had to start using it. So our new $4000 furnace became a big wood stove for the winter heating season sitting about 5-feet from where I wanted it to be located. Now several months later, I've been looking at it and wondering if I can get it to work at that location.
At present the flue pipe is 53-inches long with a 21-inch overall rise. Putting the furnace where I wanted it to go would extend the flue out to between 98 & 110-inches from the chimney flue for the same 21-inch rise along the way. Do you foresee any flue pipe issues with such a low slope and long pipe?
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Re: Installation?

Postby Keith Nelson » Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:36 pm must live in Duluth..Park Point?

Too your question.
You can be up to 10 feet from the thimble of the flue but you must have at least 1" of rise per running foot of pipe.
It appears you can comply ,but the pipe will need to be cleaned more often then if you had a shorter shot to the flue.
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