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Getting return cold air to the Yukon?

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Getting return cold air to the Yukon?

Postby 1parkpointer » Sun Aug 09, 2009 7:55 pm

About 10 years ago our original furnace crapped out. We had the Heating contractor put in a bigger furnace and added more output ducts. They suggested we change the orientation of the cold air return from the outside edges of the floors to a central location. When that was done, the original ductwork was removed and the port where it entered the bottom of the furnace was blocked off. Now the cold air return is on the opposite side of the furnace.
It was my original intention when I bought the Yukon, to attach the cold air return duct/with optional blower to the closed off opening so I could in essence get the cold air from the system without adding too much more duct work. I bought a back-flow damper for the bottom of the existing oil furnace plenum so that I could plumb the Yukon hot air into the existing plenum above the oil unit.
Is there a way to attach the optional blower cabinet to the Yukon and my existing oil fired hot air furnace, at that location as though it were sandwiched in between each unit? If so, then would I need another back-flow damper, only this one for the cold air return?
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Re: Getting return cold air to the Yukon?

Postby Keith Nelson » Mon Aug 10, 2009 3:44 pm

I'd reccomend to follow the manual in the setup as to the paralell install.
You can call us as well.
I'm not too sure exactly how your asking if you can hook up your ducting.
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Re: Getting return cold air to the Yukon?

Postby Joe-Yukon Rep » Wed Sep 02, 2009 1:28 pm

Hello 1parkpointer - It seems that you have one of our Jack Furnaces. Is this true? Further explantion of your situation is required. We should talk further. We are here to help all of our customers. We are a phone call away. Call me. Joe :D
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