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Combustion Air - Quick overview

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Combustion Air - Quick overview

Postby Joe-Yukon Rep » Mon Jun 29, 2009 5:48 pm

Combustion Air is also known as 'make up air' or 'fresh air'. In cold weather your home is probably closed up tight. When you turn on the bathroom fans, the kitchen fan or the clothes dryer you are expelling a lot of air out of your home.
Where is this air coming from ?
Your home is developing a negative pressure, is gasping for air and it will suck air in from anywhere it can get it. It will suck it in through the electrical outlets and the light switches (you have probably felt the cold draft at the light switches) and it will suck it in down or through any chimney - including the chimney for your wood burning furnace. The result is - your wood burner will not draft properly, smoke will back up into your home, the chimney will run too cool, you may develop creosote and you will call us wondering what is wrong with the furnace. The resolve is easy and inexpensive. It is addressed in each of our owners manuals. Acquire a 'fresh air intake" from any good supply store. This looks like a dryer vent only bigger. It is 6" in diameter. We offer a very nice one that filters the air as it comes into your home. Drill a 6" hole through the rim joist of your home. Attach about 1 foot of 6 inch metal duct pipe to the fresh air intake then push this unit through the 6 inch hole so that the pipe protrudes into the ceiling area of the lower level of your home - preferably into the utility area near where the Yukon furnace is or will be. Secure the fresh air intake to the outside of your home. Next, attach about 10 feet of flexible insulated 6 inch ID duct to the metal duct pipe. Obtain this flexible duct at your local supply store too. It is not expensive. Let this flexible duct hang down the wall to the floor - then turn it up so it teminates about thigh high. Secure it. Do not connect it to the furnace. This combustion air inlet will look like a saxaphone or plumbers trap as it hangs down the wall. Air will draft in here as the home needs it and as the furnace needs it. You will notice an almost immediate improvement. This combustion air duct will not freeze out your basement. There is a syphon action which controls the air inflow and the incoming air is tempered as it mixes with the air inside your home.
Of course you will have to modify this if you have no basement or the wood burner is in the garage.
Many locales are requiring fresh air intakes in new construction - it is that important! :D
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Re: Combustion Air - Quick overview

Postby Keith Nelson » Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:14 pm

Important topic Joe.....

Here is the manual and on page 29 it covers exactly how to complete this part of the furnace install.Although this is the Eagle I & II manual the process is the same for all of our furnaces. ... %201_2.pdf

Here's another thread covering the ways creosote and back drafting issues occur which include lack of make up air.
and mis-installs....
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